Our Missions

Since we believe God has called Cornerstone Family Church to establish a great work that will grow into a ministry that will have a powerful impact on nations around the world, we have an active missions outreach through the support of several missions ministries working throughout the world.

Currently, we support or are directly involved with the following ministries:

  • Globe Missionary Evangelism; Pensacola, Florida

      Ken Sumrall is the founding pastor of Liberty Church, Liberty Bible College, Globe Missionary Evangelism and a nationwide fellowship of pastors and missionaries. He, along with Syvelle Phillips has agreed to provide spiritual oversight and apostolic protection for the leadership of CFC. Ken and his wife, Wanda, live in Pace, Florida.


      Roger and Linda West live in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he serves and oversees nearly 20 churches he has founded. He serves as President of Missionary Revival Crusade, which oversees 100 missionaries worldwide. Roger’s radio ministry reaches much of Mexico and Latin America. Linda works with the ladies through her Titus 2 Ministry.

  • India National Inland Missions; New Delhi, India

      PillaiPaul Pillai and his wife, Annie, have their headquarters in New Delhi, India. He is the founder and general overseer of Grace Bible College (500 students), a large orphanage (1000 children) and numerous churches primarily in north India. Graduates from the bible college pastor most of these churches.

  • Paul and Teresa Kohler

      koehlerPaul Koehler and his wife, Theresa, are based in Lillian, Alabama. He oversees Vida Training Institute in Tampico, Mexico and several churches in Southern Mexico where he ministered for the first 20 years of his ministry. He has expanded his ministry to Southern Asia where he holds training seminars for native evangelists, pastors and believers in the art of Bible story telling.

  • Native Missionary Movement, Richardson TX
  • Ron and Shirley Hudson

      hudsonRon and Shirley Hudson serve with New Tribes Mission. NTM prepares new missionaries for ministry in remote areas of the world. They live in Morgan, Texas and they serve as field representatives speaking in churches and mission conferences throughout the nation. Ron also travels in areas where primitive people live who have never heard the name of Jesus.

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