Sunday School Classes

 Sunday School Classes begin at 9:15 and end at 10:15

Charlotte Harper            Judy Wise                        Sam Setterlund




In her class, Charlotte focuses on increasing believers’ knowledge of their position in Christ and the authority he gives to His followers. She bases her approach on her firm belief that God means what he says in his Word. She emphasizes that the Biblical truth of Healing applies in more areas than just the realm of the physical body. For example, in finances, in relationships, and in employment situations. Here is another of our classes that offers more than great teachings; it manifests wonderful, encouraging results among its members.



This class is blessed by Judy's Godly teaching of the Bible through carefully selected topics 
that she receives from the Holy Spirit during the week prior to class. This prayerful process of revelation for each class helps her students in their daily walk with the Lord as well as in their various relationships with other people and in their life circum- tances. Members of her class
not only give glowing reports,
but also testify to changed lives.



This class studies topics that the
Holy Sprit brings to Sam's mind 
and heart. He encourages class

participation and welcomes various viewpoints; this approach
and enriches discussion
in the
serious but joyful study of
God’s Word. 
Topics have included
How Should We 
PrayThe Problem 
of a Critical Spirit
, and What is The
Meaning of "God's Glory?
" and a series
on How to Read and Interpret Song of
perhaps the least read and 
taught of all the books of the Bible.The current topic: The Book of Revelation



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