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PRAIRIE WIND                March 11, 2018                             At the 10:30 Service

                                                PRAIRIE WIND

Prairie Wind, a four piece all bluegrass gospel group, is well known by many churches and gospel singing venues in the Dallas metropolitan area, especially in the more rural areas of north, east, and southeast Texas. Prairie Wind features close three and four part bluegrass harmonies and traditional bluegrass flavor for both standard and non-standard gospel songs.
Ray Cornwell, guitarist and lead singer, founded Prairie Wind about 8 years ago and says that the group is a music ministry, trying to serve God by using what talent God has given him and of those he has gathered around him.
Ray's wife Linda Cornwell, bassist and co-founder of Prairie Wind, is also a devout Christian and believes that God has ordained her husband and herself as gospel music missionaries. Linda is an excellent bass player who has never had a lesson and often testifies about how God has showed her how to play and sing.
Prairie Wind also includes:
David Hallmark - Mandolin and vocals
Michael Morris - Lead guitar and vocals