Sunday Praise & Worship
Sunday Morning Service Begins at 10:30


                Praise and Worship Ensemble at Work for the Lord              



       Our Members Love to Sing Hymns, and Praise and Worship Songs 





Eileen and Bill are our two vocalists; Pastor 
Bruce adds his own voice as he accompanies
on the piano.






Eileen Setterlund helps Pastor Bruce choose the music for the Sunday Service and for the Hymn Sing on Sunday Evenings.

                              Bill Baker and Pastor Bruce have 
                               worked together in Prison Ministry,
                               providing music and worship. Bill
                               brings special music to the Sunday
                               Morning Service and is part of the
                               Worship Team in the Sunday
                               Evening Hymn Sing.  





                            And, of course, Pastor Bruce's Hands
                            keep moving on the piano during  
                            Praise and Worship, blessing all of us
                            with his trememdous musical gifts.





Barbara King is a crucial member of our Worship Team. Two years ago, she volunteered to enter ALL the words of our music into the computer to enable us to project the words onto the screen without using the old overheads. This true labor of love has greatly improved our musical experience in the sanctuary. Barbara faithfully attends all rehearsals to check the Order of Music and to offer her support.



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Richardson, TX 75085

Phone 214-537-5243


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