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Bruce Gruver







Dave Pittman and his wife Theresa joined our church family in 2009. Dave had previously served over 15 years as an elder under the oversight of an outstanding pastor who passed away several years ago. Dave began teaching an adult class in 2010 and agreed to become an elder in 2012. In addition to his duties as an elder, Dave periodically preaches. In addition to assisting her husband, who owns and operates a real estate company, much of Theresa’s time is spent ministering to their special-needs daughter.





Herb Smotherman and his wife LaVerne have been a part of our church family since 1985. In their early years, LaVerne ministered effectively to our youth, while Herb focused on intercessory prayer. Several years later, Herb agreed to serve the church body as a deacon. He became an elder in 2013 and continues to serve as a gifted teacher frequently, focusing on end-time prophecy and the feasts of Israel. Herb also preaches from time to time.






Harry Furlong and his wife Barbara have been long-time members, serving the church in many areas over  the years. Harry used his people skills to meet and greet folks arriving for church services. Barbara managed the tape ministry, and worked in the church office. Barbara and Harry hosted several Christ-centered home church groups. They were married in 1955 and had three boys: Michael David, Patrick Timothy and Daniel Lee Furlong. They took a sabbatical from our church to assist in building other churches before returning to Cornerstone where he is now serves as Deacon.



Sam Setterlund and his wife Eileen have been members of this church for twelve years. Sam is a retired college professor of Humanities, Literature, and English. He teaches a Sunday School class, operates our sound system, and  maintains the church website. Eileen works in the church office, sings in the Praise and Worship Ensemble on Sunday mornings, and leads the Hymn Sing on Sunday evenings.








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