Other Preachers and Teachers


Dave has taught Sunday School
for many years, but with his duties
as Chair of the Elders, he has 
urned his class over to another
one of our able 
teachers; he, of 
course, remains willing at any

time to teach a class if needed.
Dave is an ordained minister and 
draws on both his knowledge
and experience to deliver
Sunday messages from time to
time, thus blessing our congre-
gation with his understanding of
God's Word as the Holy Spirit 
directs him.





Herb is another of our Elders with much experience teaching, whether in the Sunday School classroom, the Sanctuary, or in small groups. His areas of interest and expertise lie in studies of the End Times, in Prophecy, and in the Feasts of the Old Testament. Not only does Herb possess an extensive knowledge of the Word of God, but also he is a great "listener" to the Holy Spirit, Who guides Herb in the messages he shares with the congregation.







Ron and his wife Shirley serve with New Tribes Mission, a Christian effort that sends missionaries into remote areas of the world. Their personal accounts of field work throughout their career testify to their special calling, motivation, and protection by the God they serve. Ron has survived certain death at the hands of natives, many of whom became believers and servants of God. As a pilot himself, Ron has survived various close calls, including a plane crash, proving God's protection for these two mighty Christians who have made such a difference in the world, bringing the Gospel to primitive people who have never heard the name Jesus. They
now reside in Morgan, Texas, but remain active: still traveling to remote places around the world, and throughout the United States, speaking and preaching in churches and mission conferences. We are so blessed to have them minister to our church on numerous occasions throughout the year.


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