All Churches Need Members Who Work Joyfully and with Purpose for God's Kingdom

We Are Blessed with Such Members Who Do Tasks that Need Doing. . . . Here Are
A Few More Examples:




Richard updates and prints our Sunday bulletins; he also keeps the inventory on church supplies. He is famous for his homemade ice cream in various flavors, which he generously serves at monthly church luncheons and special occasions.










                                                                                                                         Charlotte and Eileen handle the day-to-day office administration.                                                                                                     





Sam manages the sound system on Sunday and maintains the Church Website


                                               Eileen --- working at home,                   preparing the music for 
                     Sunday Morning Service and
                      Sunday Evening Hymn Sing.


       Harry and Barbara, serving as top-notch greeters, welcoming Virginia and presenting her with a brand new program for the 10:30 service.

Harry again—this time in his role as the person who prepares the elements for Communion (held the first Sunday of every month).









1784 Firman Drive 
Richardson, TX 75085
(972) 238-7477


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